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Skills Development

Skills Development Overview

The mission of the NCAI Skills Development program is to accelerate the translation of research to products by enhancing the entrepreneurial skill set of investigators and innovators.  The program provides education about the requirements for successful commercialization of technologies beyond basic research activities.  These include value proposition, market opportunity assessment, intellectual property, pre-clinical and clinical evaluation, regulatory, quality systems, cost, payment and reimbursement, and business model considerations.  By ­training innovators about the approaches needed for successful commercialization and the series of steps required to take discoveries from the laboratory to the market place, the yield of research translation will grow, and the rate at which innovations move forward in the commercialization pathway will be dramatically increased.

The program provides direct guidance to investigators and product developers to help define and conduct their project plans, as well as providing references to a plethora of available information resources from NIH, NSF, other NCAI Centers, and publicly available product development/management sources.

NCAI Funded Medical Research Projects

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