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Partner Institutions

In addition to contributing an extensive portfolio of NHLBI-funded medical research projects from which to select projects for development, each partner institution has strong, but different translational research resources to access.

A unique strength of the Center is that strong inter-institutional collaborative relationships in innovation have long been established across the group through the NIH sponsored Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) programs, the Global Cardiovascular Innovation Center (GCIC) program, and the [email protected] program.

At each of the partner institutions appointed site directors provide a primary point of contact and liaison function in these areas:

  • To broadly communicate and promote program activities within the institution.
  • To help to identify and recommend investigators and potential projects for funding.
  • To help to identify and recommend investigators for education and skills development offerings.
  • To facilitate access to and/or manage sources for project matching funds.
  • To help to navigate subgrant processes with local institution grant administration.

In addition, members of the partner institution technology transfer/commercialization offices play very important roles in the identification and qualification of projects for potential funding as well as promotion of those technologies for partnering and licensing opportunities.

NCAI-CC Medical Research

Partner Institution Links

Click the logo to link to the Technology Transfer/Commercialization site at each partner institution.

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